1. Exceptional Service

We provide the best service available, and we'll prove it. From diagnosis to resolution, our technicians handle your issues with competence and courtesy.

2 . Expert Technicians

technicians proficient and ready to be on the front lines, troubleshooting complex computer issues with ease

3. Our Vision

With a team of hardworking and certified technicians, we envision to provide 100% customer satisfaction in software and support services to our clients.

4. Our Support

We offer support and services to handle all kinds of software related issues for Mac, apple and other devices. We have a 24 hour support service. You can also email to us at support@smarttechlive.info

5. We Connect

Once we have information about the problem you are facing with your computer; we will guide you step by step as how it can be fixed. Then our technicians will find the root cause of the problem and fix it. The process is simple and quick so that you can get back to your business quickly. We charge only nominal fees for our services. If you have chosen our annual subscriber then you can benefit from our free support service on every call.

Once we have fixed the problem you can then disconnect the online connection. You can do the same at any time during the process. It is advised to let the technician finish the process before you disconnect the connection. We only need permission to access certain areas in your device. You can choose to restrict any drive you don't want to share.